Interviewed for Bulgarian weekly Capital

zx620_2102104As in Egypt and Turkey, Bulgarian citizens are also out in the streets this summer demanding better government.  According to a recent story in Time, street demonstrations ousted a center-right government in February and now protesters are back on the streets demanding that the new government resign as well, due to corruption.

A few weeks ago I want interviewed by the Bulgarian weekly Capital about the governance outcomes of other countries in which digital activism has brought massive street protest. I noted that though two new Spanish political parties – Union for Progress and Democracy and United Left – emerged following the 15M protests in 2011, neither seems to be breaking the political mold.  They are simply political parties more attentive to the concerns of the indignados.   Likewise, Germany’s Pirate Party has been unable to truly implement the “liquid democracy” ideas they have espoused.

The full article is Capital is here, in Bulgarian.

(image: Shutterstock via Capital)


Mary Joyce
Written by Mary Joyce

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