Method for Locating an Outcome Source

Method for Locating an Outcome Source

This post is created for coders of the Global Digital Activism Data Set.


The Outcome Source provides information on whether the campaign succeeded or failed in achieving its goal (defined in GOALDESC) and should allow OUTDESC and OUTTYPE to be coded.  It is often necessary because often Source1 is written while the campaign is in progress, so the outcome is not included.

If you are not provided with an Outcome Source on your assignment sheet and information about outcome is not present in Source1, please do a Google search to locate that source using the following method:

1. Search Google using keywords from the TITLE you have created for the case. For example:

  1. Title = Sallie Mae: Stop $50 Loan Forbearance Fee / Google Search Terms = “Sallie Mae” $50 “loan forbearance fee”
  2. Title = BBC Scotland : Keep the Janice Forsyth Show / Google Search Terms = BBC “Janice Forsyth Show”
  3. Title = Keep Tilgate Park as a Free Public Space / Google Search Terms = “Tilgate Park”

2. If using TITLE alone does not provide a relevant results, add additional information to your search, such as:

  1. BYEAR
  2. The target location (be as specific as possible).
  3. Any terms in the case which are unusual proper nouns, such as names and places.  Put proper nouns of more than one word in quotes (ex: “Bradley Manning,” “Lake Urmia”)
  4. If the case is about a political prisoner, search for the person’s name in quotes and the term “released.”
  5. For TARGLEV = 1, search in local newspapers.

3. If you find an outcome source, copy and paste its URL into the appropriate column in your assignment sheet.
4. Add a parenthetical note to the source indicating how far the coder needs to read to get the relevant information about outcome. Example: (read 1st paragraph), (read 1st sentence).
5. If, after using the strategies above, you do not find an outcome source, copy and paste the parenthetical phrase – (no additional outcome information) – into the Outcome Source cell on your assignment sheet.

(Image source: Flickr/Mads Boedker)

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