Research Assistant Profile: Luis Santana

The Digital Activism Research Project hired six research assistants over the summer of 2013 to participate in the creation of the Global Digital Activism Data Set by analyzing digital activism case studies and turning them into machine-readable data (a process called “coding”).  These are their stories.

Name: Luis Santana

Degree Program: PhDc (candidate) in Communication, University of Washington

Research Interests: Working on the understanding of collective action online, particularly the psychological and cultural factors that explain online organization.

Special Skills/Life Experience: Social impacts of ICT access for communities, inter-organizational partnerships and international networks of NGOs (I enjoy working at the intersections among management, research, and advocacy. This project greatly accomplish my expectations.)

Most Memorable Case:  It really amazed me to discover the moment of “digitalization” of an longstanding campaign for land-rights in an indigenous community in the Brazilian Amazon. A new tool arrived and they were able to incorporate it in their contestation strategy.

Favorite Breakfast Food: I am Chilean, and for us the breakfast is very light, tea and toasts (I’m never hungry during mornings). My favorite breakfast then is “Lunch-Time”!

Mary Joyce
Written by Mary Joyce

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