Pax Technica: New Book Explores Impact of Internet of Things on Society

Pax Technica CoverHow will the Internet of things shape our life and future? Who are the “authoritarian” governments we should be concerned about? Can democracy survive the Internet of things? What can individual citizens and civil society groups do about the evolving sociotechnical system?

A new book released today by the director of the Digital Activism Research Project, DARP, Prof. Philip N. Howard engages these questions in fascinating way. Howard calls the evolving sociotechnical system “pax technica” to describe “a political, economic, and cultural arrangement of institutions and networked devices in which government and industry are tightly bound in mutual defense pacts, design collaborations, standards setting, and data mining.”

The main preoccupation of the book besides providing an understanding of the meaning of internet of things, is an insightful analysis of the past to predict the future of human society “when everyone, and everything, is connected.”

The book is due for release worldwide today, April 28, and several reviewers have already returned their verdict:

“This is the most important work yet written on the subject, and the first to extend the logic of networked infrastructure to the global political stage.”

– Clay Shirky, Author of Here Comes Everybody, New York University.

“Pax Technica is a groundbreaking assessment of the next great stage of the digital revolution, the one that makes all previous stages look like child’s play.”

Robert W. McChesney, Author of Digital Disconnect, University of Illinois.


“To understand the true significance of the Internet of Things, I only need to turn to Philip Howard’s new masterpiece: Bold, comprehensive, full of intriguing insights and eminently readable!”

– Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Co-author of Big Data, Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford University.

“A riveting and highly readable portrait of how the explosive growth of the ‘internet of things’ will pervasively reshape political and social life—and why democratic publics must be prepared. Essential for anyone who wants to understand the world that is emerging in the coming hyper version of the digital age.”

– Larry Diamond, Author of The Spirit of Democracy, Stanford University.


“Weaving rich stories into an analytic framework, Howard’s crisply written book outlines a technologically-optimistic vision of the emerging public-private global order he dubs Pax Technica.”

– Yochai Benkler, Author of Wealth of Networks, Harvard University.


You can learn more about it by visiting its dedicated website Information about buying a copy is also available on the website.

Matthew Adeiza
Written by Matthew Adeiza

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