The Digital Activism Research Project (DARP), based at the University of Washington, is dedicated to studying the effect of digital technology on political contention around the world.

Digital media has transformed the ways in which citizens engage in politics, and there are a growing number of occasions where the internet, social media, and information infrastructure seems to play an important role in the evolution of non-violent conflicts. Some argue that the new media environment supports democratization and peace-building efforts, while others argue the opposite.  Either way, foreign policy analysts, academics, and activists have no systematic way of “adding it all up.”  The Digital Activism Research Project seeks to fill this void.

Our method is global, empirical, innovative, and collaborative.  We seek to bring new scope and rigor to the study of global digital activism.  Wherever possible, we engage students in our work, work with other institutions, and use digital technology to improve the efficiency of our methods of study.  We study this new phenomenon in a new way.


Philip N. Howard, Director, pnhoward AT uw DOT edu

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