We have been receiving lots of press coverage for our work here at the Digital Activism Research Project. Below, we share a few of them. Please use the email at the end of the page if you want to request an interview.


“Twitter: social network of choice for toppling regimes, escaping parents” 

        –   The Japan Times (Japan)

“Twitter’s influence mounts as reach grows”

–   France 24 (France)

“Social media stew plays potent role in global digital activism”

  The Washington Times  (USA)

“Когато па-, когато падне… What We Can Learn from Other Countries’ Experience of Digital Activism and Political Change”

          Capital (Bulgaria)

“Slacktivists, Unite! Social Media Campaigns Aren’t Just Feel-Good Back Patting”
          – Digital Trends (USA)

“Sign of the Times: How and e-Petitions Have Given Campaigns New Life”

          – Metro (United  Kingdom)

“Does Online “Slacktivism” Reduce Charitable Giving?” 

          – New Scientist (USA)

“The Pink Equal Sign Facebook Campaign: Powerful Solidarity Or Empty Slacktivism?”
          – International Business Times (USA)


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